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We have developed powerful strategic solutions for over 250 companies worldwide.

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“If you've been lucky enough to get a proposal from this company, don't even bother looking at anyone else. Because it probably means your business is destined to be successful. Furthermore if you follow what they tell you to, you have no choice but to be hugely successful. I thought I wanted the traditional 'do my SEO, tell me how to create email marketing, and social media strategies etc., but what I got was SO much more than I could ever have anticipated. Alexander is a true professional. I doubt you'll ever meet another marketing strategist who is as passionate, committed and thorough as he is. He takes the time to get to know your business. He will tell you straight what you need to do and you'll believe him because he has the evidence and knowledge to back up what he's saying. I can't even express to you how thrilled you will be that you were lucky enough to stumble upon this company. If you have dreams of making your company hugely successful and are prepared to put in the hard work, then Rupert Clement Rodney is what you need. If you are passionate about what you do and are looking for someone who is inherently brilliant at
marketing who will help you to find a voice and a market for your passion, then Rupert Clement Rodney is what you need. Finally, if you want to work with a marketing strategist who is HUGELY passionate about what he does, is dedicated to your business' success, is 100% honest, incredibly knowledgeable about finance, business and marketing strategies and goes above and beyond anything you could possibly imagine for you business, then don't even bother looking anywhere else. What I got from Alexander was not what I naively set out for, but it was exactly what I needed to make my business thrive and dominate! If you're reading this then you are obviously considering hiring this firm. Don't waste anymore time looking at other proposals because you'll be doing your business a HUGE injustice. ” Jackie Hall, Author & CEO, Parental Stress Centre

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We are ROI obsessed strategists. We have developed a plethora of proven and measurable business solutions that are profitable in real-time.


The singular mission of Rupert Clement Rodney is to drastically improve the profit and performance of your business with strategic solutions that are clear, professional, and robust.


We grow your business by finding the unique strengths and competencies of your entire enterprise. Quantitative analysis and creative solutions are integral to developing cash flow optimization and profit maximization.


Our primary aim is that our work immediately improves your bottom line. Our expertise is efficiency. We pride ourselves on our ability to develop superior solutions with the absolute minimum investment required.


We’ve worked synergistically with both entrepreneurs and seasoned executives to improve decision-making in discrete and ongoing business situations.


Start-ups and owner/operator ventures have unique strategic needs that differ significantly from Fortune 500 companies. We create unique ROI-savvy solutions built upon the vision, strengths and capital reality of the proprietor.


We create investor-grade business plans intended for two purposes: to successfully secure investment, and to provide a powerful strategic plan that is instantly implementable and which maximizes profit.


Once immediate opportunities have been carried out and cash flow increased, we immediately deploy tactics to increase long-term profit.


We create and maintain a unified business voice for both internal and external communications. This increases overall efficiency and effectiveness while improving overall quality and professionalism.


  • - Taglines/Slogans
  • - Business/Product Naming
  • - Logo Development


Working together with your digital marketing team, we manage, streamline and optimize your entire online advertising efforts. Our global team of online marketing experts closes gaps and identifies opportunities in your existing campaigns. If you are new to digital marketing, we will create the optimal digital marketing program for your business from the ground up.

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